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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress!

Dr. Rakhi Anand 91% (342 ratings)
PhD - Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi  •  27 years experience
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress!

You had a hectic week and by the time weekend rolls in, all you just want to do is kick back and sleep. But in the blink of an eye, the weekend’s gone and you feel stressed because you wasted it. Well, every individual experience stress at some or the other point of time in his/her life. Thanks to our exhausting jobs, erroneous eating habits, excessive pollution and above of our laziness, which adds to the major reason of stress. Every human being reacts to stress in a different way. Some people very smartly balance their everyday challenges, but there are many who fail to cope up with everyday stress. Studies have proved that an increase in stress hormones might accelerate cognitive decline in people as you grow old.

When you are stressed, your body secretes hormones called 'Adrenaline' and 'Cortisone' which lead to high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and in the extreme case may lead to organ loss. So, it is indispensable to fight against anxiety before it bows you down. Here are some tips to de-stress your weekend:

  1. Practice yogaYoga is a relaxing and calming activity. So bring out your yoga mat and stretch or meditate for at least 30mins every day. You would feel your stress levels dropping immediately!
  2. Hang out with an old friend: Call up an old friend and go check out that new café you have heard so much about. Unwind over a cup of lazy afternoon coffee and you would be surprised how happy you feel afterwards.
  3. Sweat your stress out: If yoga isn’t your cup of tea, hit the gym and sweat it out by doing some cardio or playing your favourite sport. Being active prevents heart diseases and helps you lose weight while making you happy and relaxed.
  4. Potluck dinners: Host a dinner where every one of your guests brings something to eat thus, cutting down on your stress of preparing a lavish spread. And you get to socialise in plenty too.
  5. Trying new recipes: Read an interesting recipe somewhere over the week? Why don’t you try it out this weekend? Cooking or baking can be great therapeutic activities.
  6. The importance of being idle: Do nothing or pick up a book, watch a movie to relieve your stress. This is your “me” time, so do what you want to relax.
  7. Long walks: Not only it is a good thing for your heart, walking is amazingly de-stressing. So when you do your errands this weekend, walk instead of driving everywhere.
  8. Sitcoms: A good laugh can help you relax. So put on your favourite comedy show, or check out the show your friend recommended.
  9. Limit your chores: Don’t spend all your weekend doing chores, instead do all of them in the mornings so you can keep your afternoons free. This will keep your mind blessedly unoccupied.
  10. Prepare a to-do list: Yes, the last thing you need to do is prepare for the work week ahead, but making a to-do list can be relaxing, especially if you have a lot on your mind.

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