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Yoni Prakashalanam - How It Can Help With Gynaecological Disorders?

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Yoni Prakashalanam - How It Can Help With Gynaecological Disorders?

Women face so many gynaecological problems, but Ayurveda has few amazing solutions for each one of them. One such treatment is the yoni prakashalanam. The female genitalia usually faces numerous problems like inflammation, itching, less muscular strength and much more; however, this treatment can effectively treat all the complaints.

Breaking the term down
If we break the term “yoni prakashalanam” down, we essentially get two parts - yoni and prakashalanam. ‘Yoni’ is the term for the female genitalia and ‘prakashalanam’ means washing. So the name itself gives an overview of the treatment. This technique includes washing the female genital area with healing oils and liquids. The use of these medicated oils proves to be really helpful for the vaginal area because it not only helps to cure numerous infections, but also helps in relaxing those private parts. It is a well-known fact that the sensitive reproductive organ of females has to go through a lot of stress owing to periods, childbirth, ageing etc. As such, this particular therapy is essential for proper cleansing, relaxation, and prevention of various genital diseases.

How is the treatment carried out?
The process is started with applying medicated oils and prescribed liquids to the vaginal area, which have the ability to improve the strength of the vaginal muscles. One way to carry out this therapy is to sterilize cotton balls that are dipped into the medical oils, which are then placed in the genital passage. The cotton is then retained for a longer time period so that the actions are exhibited locally. Another way to carry out this treatment is to simply wash the area with the medicated oils. Herbal oils, medicated milk, medicated buttermilk, coconut milk etc. are usually the kinds of liquids the vagina is bathed in. This technique is entirely result-oriented and after a woman has gone through the whole cleansing process, she will definitely feel fresh and clean down there. So this is a treatment every woman should try to improve her genital functioning.

Benefits of this treatment
Although most of the benefits have already been discussed previously, here is a short list of the positive effects of this particular ayurvedic treatment.


  • This helps in treating various gynaecological disorders
  • This treatment helps in reduction of inflammation
  • The various erosions caused by physical ageing are slowed down
  • This is prescribed for infertile women who have tried to conceive a lot of times, but haven’t been able to
  • It strengthens vaginal muscles
  • It helps in relaxation of the female genital

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