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World Hepatitis Day - How You Can Prevent Yourself?

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World Hepatitis Day - How You Can Prevent Yourself?

Viral hepatitis can invade the human body in a variety of ways, but it is in your hands to prevent this infection from intruding your body and mess with your health. Hepatitis is a disease which takes a toll on the human liver. There are 5 different types of hepatitis from Hepatitis A to E, but there are ways you can take to prevent yourself against the same, such as:

  1. Know how the Hepatitis spread: On the basis of the different types of Hepatitis, there are two main ways by which hepatitis gets its way from one person to another, contact with infected blood and body fluid as well as contact with the infected stool. It is important to note here that Hepatitis A and E are carried through the faeces of the affected individual. Also, a person may get infected with Hepatitis A and E even if you consume contaminated food and water. Hepatitis B, C along with D can also spread through the infected blood. Even though sexual contact doesn’t always infect a person with Hepatitis, it should be considered a critical route of exposure.
  2. Get the proper immunization: There are vaccines available all across the world to prevent spreading Hepatitis A and B. But it is crucial to point here that it is not possible to prevent Hepatitis C and D and sometimes Hepatitis E as well. But the Hepatitis C can be cured when the patient has received effective anti-viral medications. There are no vaccinations for the Hepatitis D but the virus causing this infection requires Hepatitis B for survival. Therefore, getting vaccinated against Hepatitis B will help prevent the disease from affecting you.
  3. Get the right precautions while travelling: When travelling, no one can tell whether you will get access to clean and purified water. Water contaminated with impurities can lead to Hepatitis A as well as E. You should take proper precautions and immunizations in the first place. If you are going to a place that doesn’t have access to clean water, you should steer clear from ice cubes, running tap water, cut fruits and raw vegetables which may have been cleaned in the water with impurities.
  4. Practice safe intercourse to reduce the risk of Hepatitis: Even though contact with blood and body fluid is the main route of transmission of Hepatitis germs, various types of Hepatitis can also spread through sexual contact. It is important to use protection to minimize the risk of hepatitis. People who are at a greater risk of becoming infected with the disease are homosexual men, sexual partners of the person who is already infected and individuals with numerous sex partners.
  5. Limit the consumption of drugs and alcohol: Apart from the hepatitis virus, substances which are toxic to the human liver can lead to damage and inflammation to the liver. In case an individual has viral hepatitis, then the liver must not be exposed to any kind of toxins which can intensify the intoxication. Exercise caution in this regard.

By being aware and taking necessary precaution, getting affected by hepatitis can be prevented. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor.

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