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Work-Life Balance - How To Ensure It?

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Work-Life Balance - How To Ensure It?

For many people, striking a healthy work-life balance almost seems like an unachievable goal. More often, we struggle to juggle heavy workloads, take on family responsibilities, manage relationships, and end up compromising on our interests. It is no surprise that one in every four Indians is living a stressful life.

In a rush to get it all done in one go – be it at home or in the office – we tend to forget that our stress levels go up and productivity drops. Chronic stress affects our ability to concentrate and makes us depressed or irritable. In due time, it harms both our professional and personal relationships.

Ways to Strike a Balance between Work and Life 

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you do not end up living under the pressure of meeting deadlines at work or miss out on family gatherings –

  • Set Manageable Goals - Daily Being able to meet our priorities gives a sense of control and accomplishment. Be realistic about deadlines and workloads. Create a ‘to do’ list and focus on important tasks first. Eliminate the unessential ones. Ask for help if needed.
  • Take a Break - Taking small breaks in between work helps clear the mind and improves one’s ability to make good decisions when you jump back into the chore (hard dull/daily work).
  • Unplug - The same technology that makes work so easy can also burn us out if used round-the-clock. Make yourself available, but also recognize the need for your ‘own time’. Unwind, engage in fun activities and spend some time doing what makes you happy.
  • Get Support - Catching up with friends and family can go a long way in boosting your mental health in general, and productivity at work. No matter how busy you have been all week, make sure you find some time to spend with your loved ones.
  • Stay Active - Besides improving physical health, regular exercise also benefits your mental health and reduces depression, anxiety and stress.

Research states that any sort of physical activity helps you cope with adversities better. Make time for a short walk during lunch break or hit the gym later in the day.

Do not allow stress to stand in the way of your happiness and health. If you are facing issues managing your time between professional and personal life, and are persistently overwhelmed, consider seeking help from a mental health professional.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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