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Women Health And Cancers Related To Them

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I am Dr. Neha Jain, Gynaecologist. Today I will talk about women's health scenarios in our country and cancer in women. We all know that women's health is neglected in our country. Whether it is a health of working women or a homemaker. They are doing multitasking to such an extent that they are compromising on their health. What is health? Health is a state of physical, mental wellbeing. So, today I will bring about some current statistics regarding women health in our country which may be an eye-opener for all of you. World economic forum ke hisab se humari country gender equality mein worst ata hai. Our rank is 132 out of 187 in terms of gender inequality. Gender inequality kaise calculate ki jaati hai. Iske parameters physical, metal and social health se hi related hain. Usmein hum kafi poorly perform kar rahein hai.

Agar hum other statistics mein dekhein toh female doctor ka percentage dekha jaaye toh it is just 6%. Which means 20,000 population mein 1 female doctor mil rahi hai. Generally India mein females, female doctor se hi milna pasand karti hain. Male doctor ko dikhane mein ek tabboo mana jaata hai. Aise mein aap soch sakte hain ki kya access hai health ki taraf. 50% of ladies mein anemia paya jata hai and 60% women mein anemia hai. Iska common cause hai iron deficiency. Kyuki proper nutrition, health education nahi hai. Shayad unke family members bhi kahin na kahin avoid kar rahein hain. 40% women Indian mein HIV/AIDS ke cases represent kar rahin hain. Aam toor pe ye women mein common dekha ja raha hai. Aam toor pe gharon mein yahi kaha jata hai ki men gharon mein jyada kam karte hain. Apne emotions ko heart mein rakhte hain islia unmein heart health risk jyada rehta hai. But that is not the truth. 60% health issues ka burden hum apni country mein carry kar rahein hain. Jismein cardiovascular health issues ki vajaha se women mein death jyada common hai as compare to men.

Next topic mai cover karungi cancer in women. Breast cancer abhi women mein jo 2nd number pe ata tha, ab India ka top most cancer hai. Breast cancer rural population mein kam hota hai. 1/22 urban ladies min breast cancer paya jaata hai. 1/60 rural area mein ye problem dekhi jaati hai. Self-examination best way hai breast cancer ko diagnose karne ke lia. Vo lump check kar sakti hain and fir doctor ko contact kar ke further screening and diagnose karwa sakti hain. Breast cancer unmein jyada common hain jinmein family history dekhi jaati hai. Ismein marginal risk tab bhi badhte hain agar woman 30 years ke baad conceive karti hain ya fir alcohol ka intake ek glass se jayada paya jaata hai ek din mein ya fir jinhone baby kabhi conceive hi nahi kia hai.

Now the 2nd most common cancer in women is cancer cervix. Ye uterus ke mouth ka cancer hai. Ye rural population mein jyada common hai. Iska common cause human papilloma virus hota hai. Iski rate and death jyada increase ho sakti hai. Agar ladies tobacco ya related products consume karti hon, genital infection ho and HIV hon toh bhi death rate jyada badh jata hai. Cancer cervix ke lia screening test uplabadh hai, usko hum pap smear kehte hain. Ye test har lady ko 3 years mein ek baar karana chaiye upto 65 years of age. Is se hum cervix cancer ko early age pe catch kar sakte hain. It is preventable cancer. Agar aap ko koi bhi issue lagta hai toh aap apne doctor se contact kariye. Aap apni health and aas pass ki ladies ki health ka dhayan rakhieye.

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