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Winter Depression

Mrs. Upasana Chaddha Vij 93% (221 ratings)
MA - Psychology, PhD Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi  •  8 years experience
Winter Depression

With the onset of winters, not only people experience lazy mornings but many also find themselves in low spirits or what we call “winter blues”.

Winter depression or seasonal affective disorder should not be confused with general laziness and oversleeping that comes with the onset of winters. Many people are diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, it is a clinical disorder which occurs with the change in season, specially during winters. It is a sub type of depression. Peole experimce mood chnages and symptkms similar to depression with during the winter season and improves with the arrival of spring and summer season.

Symptoms of s. A. D 

If the symptoms have been occuring with the onset at the specific time of winters for the last two years without any other associative incident.

1. Loss of apetite/ increase in apetite
2. Crying spells
3. Loss of interest in routine activities 
4. Feeling low or sad.
5. Sleeping more than usual.


It can be effectively treated with psychotherapy, light therapy and/or medications. While symptoms improve with change in season but treatment could help the person get relief from depressive symptoms quickly. People should either try to expose themselves to sun whenever possible in winters. Stay connected to your environment and people. Talk about your symptoms with a psychologist. It is a manageable condition and treatment would help you enjoy the winters.

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