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Why To Switch Mineral Salt From White Salt?

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Dt. Lokendra Tomar 92% (10504 ratings)
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, B.Pharma, MD - Alternate Medicine
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Gurgaon  •  19 years experience
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I’m Lokendra Tomar, weight loss and wellness coach. I believe in sharing true knowledge so that you can live disease free life.

Today I would like to talk about SALT. We love salt and from thousands of year salt is an important component of our diet and it’s an important component of nutrition because salt provides minerals to the body and mineral balance is very very important for functioning of your kidney, your muscles and you know complete body and your metabolism. So there are more than 100 varieties of salt label on our planet. And what we consume presently is a salt manufacturing in factories. The white salt normally known as table salt and I was watching a trend in America shifting from white salt to a different salt, and what that salt is, and that salt is mineral salt, Himalayan pink salt. Why this Himalayan pink salt? Why not any other salt there is a black salt there is a sendha namak, there are different types of salt, why mineral salt? Because mineral has got 84 minerals, 84 different kind of minerals. And what they mineral do? They provide you the basic metabolic framework to function properly with the help of these minerals and these minerals helps you in keeping your body alkaline. Acidic body means there are diseases, alkaline body means there is a healthy life. So if you want to live a healthy life you must change your salt which contains 84 minerals. So mineral salt contain 84 minerals and is healthy for you. So switch your salt and be healthy, avoid your blood pressure and avoid further complications in your body.

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