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Why Are You Always Hungry?

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Why Are You Always Hungry?

Some people experience that they are always hungry or they are always tired. There can be plenty of reasons of this feeling but top most are as follows:

1. Dehydration - Feeling of thirst can easily be mistaken by the feeling of hunger. So, prevent it by staying on top of your fluid intake.

2. Sleep Deprivation - Too little sleep can lead to increased level of appetite and decreased level of feeling of fullness. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

3. Skipping Meals - When you skip a meal and your stomach is empty for too long, it can produce more hunger hormones and you are prone to binge later on. So, it is always better to eat something after every 3-4 hours.

4. Eating Too Much Simple Carbs - Eating white flour products, pastries, cookies, etc. will spike your blood sugar levels and consequently it causes intense hunger. Surprisingly, the more you eat the more you feel tired. So, replace them with complex carbs.

5. Stress - If you are under stress, your system produces more stress hormones and these elevated hormones can make you more hungry. So, get regular with your yoga or meditation class.

6. Obsessed With Food Programs - Looking at the attractive picture of food or pleasant food aromas can stimulate hunger pangs. So, limit your exposure to T.V. commercials and unfollowing food brands on Instagram and Pinterest.

7. Boredom - Sometimes, there is no obvious reason, neither you are stressed nor you are emotional, but still you are eating just out of boredom. So, try to make yourself busy by indulging any activity or any hobby.

8. Medication - There are some medicines which can make you feel hungry all the time. Antidepressants and other medicines such as SSRIs, Steroids, and Diabetes medicines fall into that category. If you have started to gain weight since you started your medication, it is a great hint that the reason behind your hunger is your medication.

There are a lot of reasons which may make you feel hungry all the time, but the only solution is to keep an eye on your diet. If nothing seems to work, you should talk to a Doctor to understand root cause behind these constant cravings. Also, consult a dietician for the same to help you come up with a diet that will keep you full and will be healthy for you.

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