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White Patches On Skin

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I am Dr Seema Bali a skin and hair expert from last 32 years. Today we are discussing a topic of white patches, white patches on our skin have a pigment, those are called melanin pigment. They are been formed by the melanocytes cells. So, once there is any difference any kind of henopathology involved, these forms of patches or they cover your entire skin, body skin. Now the white patches Leucoderma and Vitiligo these are the terminologies, which we normally ask our patients about it. But all the leucoderma leuco means white patches, leucoderma derma is skin. So, all which patches you find on your surface, they can be Vitiligo or they can be Normal Fungal Infection. So the difference is important because in case it is Vitiligo that is an autoimmune disorder, internal chemistry is involved but Leucoderma we get secondary means leisions. Secondary means in case you have a trauma, any kind of inflammation, infections. So the melanin pigment they either destroy themselves or they form in a very slow metabolism rate that you get. Hypo pigment means less spots means your normal skin they difference in your colour that is a blemish you get so don’t you have to worry but in case you get any kind of white patches on your surface or in case you get white patch on your lips or your mucocutaneous junctions, then also you don’t worry about it because all these Vitiligos they have a permanent new treatment with us in case you follow this treatment you are going to get well soon. 

Now I will be telling you the difference between Vitiligo and white patches that is Leucoderma. The first difference is the colour of your skin, in Vitiligo we get milky white colour but in Leucoderma means white patches we get a hypopigmentation means you get the pale colour, paleness. The second point is in case the Vitiligo is there we get the some here on the skin which is grey or white but in Leucoderma we don’t have the discolouration of the hair. The third point comes Symmetry, in Leucoderma we get the white patches where their problem means some the Symmetrical involvement means you have both limbs, means both arms, both thighs, low limbs. And the fourth point comes the patch shape, shape of the spot, they are based on the like irregularities means they are round shape where the infection is there or it is irregular. In Vitiligo, we have irregular shapes but in white patches, the shape depends on the cause means injuries, what inflammation is there, that define the shape. So once again the white patches, the milkiness, the colour of hair, or some autoimmune disorders are involving means you are suffering from diabetes in Vitiligo because this is an autoimmune disorder. So we get the cases of endocrine imbalance you can be diabetic, you can be hypothyroid, pernicious anaemia but in Leucoderma we don’t have the internal cause that is only external cause which has given the pigment loss. So these are the point which in case you can identify.

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