What To Expect Before Going For Homeopathy Treatment?

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My name is Dr. Rajesh Shah. We treat patients having chronic and recurring diseases. Patients come here from all across the world. Today we will talk about- What to expect in a homeopathic interview? How to prepare before visiting a homeopathic doctor? Many patients come here and they are not very sure what to expect so they don't come prepared in certain ways. It is always better that if you go to homeopathic doctor in a prepared manner so that you get the best out of the doctor and the doctor gets the best out of you in order to help you out in the best possible way. When you visit a homeopathic doctor just make sure that you spend enough time depending upon the doctor's requirement.

You may have to typically spend 1-3 hours in a doctor's chamber. When you visit the doctor, make sure that you carry with you all the medical reports that you have, all the lab investigation and all the X-rays, CT or MRI reports with you so that the doctor can review your reports in order to conclude the diagnosis. Besides understanding the disease and examining your reports and the physical examination that the doctor may do, make sure that you spend time in giving some more details about your illness and about your personality in certain ways. A good homeopathy doctor who would understand not only your disease but also your lifestyle your other factors which may be influencing or are responsible for causing you the disease.

So all these details will be reviewed by a good homeopathy doctor. We will go into the details of your lifestyle, your relationship with your family members with your people at the workplace, your friends. The doctor will also review what are the stress factors if at all in your life. They will also study your emotions which are strong such as your anger, anxiety or sadness of depression or guilt or hatred. Sometimes this also plays a certain role in the development of the disease and the doctor will be evaluating you not only the part of the disease but also you as a person, you as a total being. So that kind of evaluation is expected from a good homeopathic interview. So make sure you do well spend quality time with your doctor so that the doctor is able to perceive you totally as a patient as well as a person so that he or she can determine a proper line of treatment for you. I hope this helps.

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