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What To Do If Someone Has A Cardiac Arrest?

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What To Do If Someone Has A Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest may affect an individual right away without showing any form of warning. A person suffers from this condition when his heart discontinues pumping the blood around the body. Thus, it makes the person lose sensitivity almost instantaneously. The patient may lie down in a breathless state, showing no movements.

An individual is more likely to experience a sudden heart attack during his 40's. This may even lead him to death. So, it is vital to know some immediate steps to be taken to recover such people from the distressing situation.

If a person is having a cardiac arrest, you can follow these steps:

  1. Tap his/her shoulders to know whether the victim is responding

  2. Check whether he/she is listening to your words when you ask if him/her is OK

  3. Check whether the victim is breathing normally

When you find that the patient is not gasping or breathing, you must give first aid to him/her for fast recovery.

You should first call an ambulance. This is because anybody who has experienced an unexpected cardiac arrest will require immediate medical care. By calling an ambulance, you can take the victim to the nearest emergency care to offer the best medical help and increase the chances of survival.

Position the victim by ensuring his/her face is in the upward direction. Now, you can press the chest of the person to make him/her breathe. However, if the individual has experienced wounds on the neck or head, avoid moving him/her upwards. This is because it may cause paralysis or other grave problems. Therefore, you must provide as much support as possible without moving the patient.

Now, pinch the nose of the victim after tilting the head and cover his/her mouth with your mouth. You must blow the air until the chest of the victim rises. This will provide the required oxygen to breathe and may help the victim recover from the distressing situation.

So, always keep in mind these steps and provide the best help you can.

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