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Weight Loss - Simple Ways To Achieve It!

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Weight Loss - Simple Ways To Achieve It!

Losing weight is a challenge for most people, but is it so difficult? You don't need to stop eating your favourite food items or go on a liquid diet to lose weight. Amidst all the zillion diet plans flooding the internet are a few basic rules that are followed can help you achieve your dream figure. Here are some of these secrets.

1. Drink plenty of water: The urge to snack on something is not always driven by hunger. In most cases, it is thirst that makes you want to nibble on something. An adult should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. This not only keeps you hydrated but also keeps your stomach full and keeps the hunger pangs away.

2. Keep a diary: Write down an honest account of what you eat and when you do so. This will give you an insight about your eating habits and show you the triggers that lead to binge eating. This will also serve as a reminder of when you last ate and lower the urge to snack. Additionally, it helps practice portion control.

3. Carry your own lunch: This is especially noteworthy for people who have lunch at work. Picking up a bite from a restaurant may be easier than packing lunch from home, but it leads to packing more calories and does nothing to help you lose weight. Instead, spend a little time in the morning packing a healthy lunch for yourself. When you make your own food, you not only control how much you eat, but also control the amount of salt and sugar being put into your food.

4. Eat, don't just drink: Juices are convenient to drink as well as digest, but when compared to eating the raw fruit, they have two major demerits. Firstly, juicing does not give you the fiber from the fruit. Secondly, since a juice is easy to digest, it does not satiate hunger for long. Eat smaller meals instead of having 3 big meals, it is much healthier to have 5-6 smaller meals at more frequent intervals. This has a number of benefits. It prevents snacking between meal and a smaller meal gives you just enough calories to keep you energized till your next meal. This prevents the formation of fat deposits.

5. Exercise: Lastly, no amount of dieting is going to help you unless you supplement it with regular exercise. If you can't find half an hour a day to exercise, try fitting in smaller bouts of exercise wherever possible.

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