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Water - When To Drink It To Get Maximum Benefits Out Of It?

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Water - When To Drink It To Get Maximum Benefits Out Of It?

Water effectively constitutes 70-75% of human body and keep us protected from many harmful things. But many people have a frequent question: is it alright to drink water before you brush your teeth? Will it harm your body? Let us discuss the same in this article.

Many people believe that they should not drink water before brushing their teeth because of the bacterias present in saliva after you wake up. But this is a myth and it does not have any scientific logic. When you drink water after waking up before brushing, your saliva goes with the water down into the stomach which results in the killing of the bacteria due to the high acid content inside it. Therefore there is absolutely no harm if you drink water before brushing teeth.

If you are familiar with Japanese culture then you must know that the Japanese drink two glasses of water every morning immediately after they wake up. Drinking water immediately after you wake up without brushing your teeth does not harm you in any way. Doctors always recommend drinking two full glass or at least one, on an empty stomach. There are several benefits your body receives when you consume water every morning after you wake up.

Drinking water every morning has its own long list of benefits. Let us have a look at them-

  1. Boosts your immunity- Drinking water every morning strengthens your immunity system. Helps you to fight disease and germ much better.
  2. Clears the bowels- After you drink water in the morning, you will get an urge of flushing out your bowels. This way the bowels remain clear and you do not face any constipation issues.
  3. Speeds up metabolism- Your metabolism gets boosted when you drink water resulting in faster digestion and metabolic rate. It also keeps you hydrated through the day.
  4. Prevents headaches and migraines effectively and it also helps in preventing colon infection because your bowels get cleared easily.
  5. Helps in weight loss- Drinking water every morning helps you to lose weight by a significant margin due to the fact it occupies the stomach killing the desire to eat much in the morning.
  6. Beneficial for skin- Increase in the freshness of your skin complexion which water delivers if you drink it every day in the morning. It flushes out the toxins and dead cells which helps in increase of new and fresh body cells.

Thus as you can see the long list of benefits you will receive if you drink water every day after you wake up.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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