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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Vitiligo - Know Why Homeopathy Is The Best Choice Of Treatment!

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Life Force HomeopathyHomeopathy Doctor • 38 Years Exp.BHMS
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Vitiligo is a disorder in which the skin starts losing its original color in the form of unequal shapes and sizes. This problem of skin pigmentation means that the melanocytes in the skin get damaged. This leads to the development of the white patches on the skin.

The hairs which grow on the affected area start losing their color and become gray. This problem also causes psychological disorders which related to appearance and many times, the adolescent's high dose of medications if this disorder develops in the visible areas like face, hands, arms or the feet. The adolescents start feeling embarrassed, depressed and worried about what the others might think of them and how they would react to seeing them.


Though the exact causes of vitiligo are not clear, the researchers assume that this disorder is just like an autoimmune disorder. This means that the pigmentation or the element which gives color to the skin get destroyed by the antibodies of the person’s own body.

In some cases, it has also been observed that the initial stage of this disorder relates to an event which causes psychological stress to the person. People whose parents or other family members suffer from this disease are also likely to suffer from the same. This can be said that this disorder passes down the genes from generation to generation.

If people have suffered sunburns, rashes and other disorders related to the skin where the hair turns gray before the person turns thirty-five, are also some of the causes of this disease.

Role of homeopathy in treating Vitiligo

Homeopathy aims at treating the problem from the root, over a period of time yet in an effective manner. This field of medicine works at building the immunity of the patients and restore their health. As per homeopathy, it is important to understand the constitution of the patient before prescribing any type of medicine. Also, homeopathic medicines prescribed to an individual are related more to the constitution of the individual, the symptoms it is indicating and the overall psyche of the patient. 

Further, it is required that the formation of the melanin in the body is improved, in order to treat the problem. Since all patients are different, thus they respond differently to the treatment provided. And, the course of the treatment can only be decided once the underlying root cause is determined. Homeopathy treatment goes beyond the general and medicinal aspects of the vitiligo treatment

All these medicines listed above are only suggestive in nature and can change with the change in symptoms. Therefore one should only take homeopathic medicines as prescribed by the doctor. 

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