Vaginismus - Why It Is a Threat To Your Relationship?

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Vaginismus - Why It Is a Threat To Your Relationship?

While sex is something which is supposed to be a lot of fun and pleasurable to engage in can sometimes it can also turn out to be quite the opposite. One of the reasons for this can be a problem called vaginismus. And, a condition like this can threaten to break a marriage, it will be helpful to know a little bit about it.

Understanding the problem
Vaginismus is a problem which occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor of a woman’s body contract when there is an attempt to insert something into the vagina. This contraction is not voluntary in nature. In a significant number of cases, vaginismus is the natural reaction of the body when something untoward has happened with the woman before
. In many cases, if the woman has been the subject of any form of sexual abuse, she is likely to suffer from vaginismus more than other woman who have not been through this unfortunate experience.

The degree of severity of the case of vaginismus can really vary from one woman to another. The pain which is caused by vaginismus only occurs when there is an attempt to insert something into the vagina, be it a tampon or a penis, and does not exist at all otherwise. Your doctor can only correctly diagnose the issue. 

Vaginismus happens to be a rather common problem and many women are known to suffer from it at some point of their lives. What does differ, however, is the degree of intensity of the pain. That being said, it is not too hard to cure vaginismus, but it is easier to do so for women who have not been experiencing pain for a long period of time.

Overcoming the obstacle
The best way to go about setting the problem of vaginismus right is by making a daily habit of doing Kegel exercises. These exercises are focused on improving the strength and also the functioning of the pelvic floor. They are quite common in prenatal sessions for mothers who are close to giving birth.

The Kegel exercise method of solving vaginismus is successful in more than 90% of the cases though these exercises, which are to be done, may not seem to be all that complicates. As long as a woman is consistent, she can enjoy the joys of sex minus the pain. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!​

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