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Use of Fluoride Products for Teeth

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Use of Fluoride Products for Teeth

Fluoride products for the teeth have immense importance in dentistry. Fluoride is one such chemical, the balance of which is highly required for strong and healthy teeth. However, there is an optimum amount of fluoride needed for teeth. Anything lesser than that or greater than that can cause harm and serious teeth and gum problems and tooth decay. The best option, therefore, is to get a fluoride based toothpaste or mouthwash, which will keep on providing the teeth with the optimum quantity of its daily dose of fluoride.

The benefits of fluoride products:
Before delving into the types of fluoride products available, let's have a look at the benefits of fluoride on teeth. Fluorides actually save the teeth from dental caries. It happens such that fluoride makes a certain mineral bonding on the teeth which is called fluorapatite. This is not normally found in human teeth, but when teeth damage is done, then to heal it fast this compound is needed to repair the damages. This adds to the mineral bonding in the teeth and strengthens the teeth.  

The fluoride products:
The various fluoride based products, which you may use are as follows:

  1. Fluoridated water: Fluoridating water is a simple process where the optimum amount of fluoride is mixed with drinking water so that drinking the water automatically keeps on adding fluoride to the body and keeps in contact with teeth. This therapy alone is enough and needs no more therapies generally. But not all water reserves contain this, and it's not possible to add fluorides to all water reserves. That is why the other fluoride treatments are needed.
  2. Fluoride toothpaste: This is one of the most common forms for fluoride treatments. Every common daily use toothpaste contains a 0.22 to 0.312 percent of fluoride, and this is highly beneficial to the teeth for healing of decay and fast repairs. It lets the teeth get stronger. 
  3. Mouth Rinses: Fluoride mouth rinses are an option. The sodium fluorides commonly used in the rinses are used in small amounts in the product which is used just like toothpaste and washed off.
  4. Fluoride foams and gels: The foam and gel are used when the teeth of the child or adult are under high risk of cavities. The foam or gel is rubbed on the teeth, and kept for a while and then washed off. The typical application time is 30 minutes. 
  5. Varnishes: The fluoride varnishes are just like gels, and they are also used on the tooth surface similarly. It's the choice of the dentist or patient as to which one they want to go with. Besides, these slow fluoride releasing devices, medical supplements and lozenges are also there, which slowly release the optimum amount of fluorides to keep the teeth strong and healing.
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