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Try Homeopathy to Bid Goodbye to Pimples and Acne

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Try Homeopathy to Bid Goodbye to Pimples and Acne

Acne and pimples do not usually have easy solutions or quick remedies.When it comes to treatment of acnes and pimples, Homeopathic medicines are considered the most effective and paramount. Homeopathic cure does not intend to quick-fix acne and pimples. The objective being the correction of inner causes, it allows the pimples to heal slowly on their own instead of taking any medicine of high dose.

Homeopathy is, the best way to cure acnes and pimples. Popular Homeopathic Remedies for Acne and Pimples Here is a list of the most common solutions for acne and pimples and what they indicate:

1. Pulsatilla - For cases where the intake of rich junk food and indigestion are the causes of acne.

  • Also in cases of girls suffering from menstrual problems
  • Symptoms include decreased thirst.
  • Patient is usually very sensitive to heat

2. Sulphur- It is a very common cure, especially for chronic cases of acne

  • The eruptions cause great pain.
  • They are present in the form of abscesses.
  • Patient is vulnerable to cold and pain. Increased rate of perspiration.- Patient tends to get agitated and irritated very easily

3. Silicea- In cases where there is pus formation

  • The best homeopathic medicine for acne
  • Increased rate of perspiration. The patient cannot bear cold at all.
  • Skin turns pale and tender.

4. Antimonium Crudum- Formation of tiny red pimples all over the face

  • Very irritable in nature
  • Arthritic pain in fingers and loss of appetite
  • White, thick coating on tongue

5. Nux Vomica- For cases where acne formation is because of gastric disruptions.

  • Skin seems to appear red and blotchy
  • Caused because of having too much spicy food
  • Signs of constipation and over sensitiveness to cold

6. Bovista- Formed due to cosmetic use, especially during summer

  • Skin tends to itch
  • Cheeks swell up and become pale
  • Makes patient restless.

Homeopathy is certainly the best way to deal with and to get rid of unwanted, ugly acne, which ruin your face.

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