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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2021


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Dr. Vandana JainGynaecologist • 26 Years Exp.MBBS, MS, FICOG

Hello, friends. I am Dr Vandana Jain. Today I will talk about your recommendation of Surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a practice where a woman bears and give birth to a child for the couple with the intention of handing over the child to the intended infertile couple after the birth.

What is Altruistic surrogacy?

Altruistic surrogacy is one in which no charge, expenses, fees, any incentive has taken by the doctor or the surrogate mother. Now in the newer bill, that is the surrogacy bill, which is finally implemented on 24th.aug, 2016, the government intenf=ds to ban surrogacy for any commercial purposes. And hence commercialization of surrogacy has been banned and only Altruistic surrogacy has been allowed.

Now, what other conditions are there so that surrogacy can be implanted? So when surrogacy will be allowed?

Surrogacy is allowed only when the couple is infertile for a long period of time. The age of female should be 25-50 years of age and the age of male should be 25-55 years of age. And if they both or either of them is suffering from infertility. And it is only for altruistic surrogacy and not for commercial surrogacy. No person other than a closed relative can be a surrogate. No woman should act a surrogate more than once in her life.

There are the cases in which after birth, the couple has an abundant born child because of his disability. So now there will not be any amendment of the born child because of surrogacy. The couple do not have any surviving child either biological or by adoption. It should be their first child by surrogacy.

Surrogacy is not for children producing for sale. It should not be a baby factory which can be used. In past, there was illegal trafficking also. Only the clinics which are registered under the act can conduct activities and procedure related to surrogacy. So surrogacy clinic must maintain their records atleast for 25 years.

Violation of any other provision shall be punishable with the imprisonment of 5 years and the fine of up to 10 lakhs. An amendment of the surrogate child is there, then the imprisonment will be for 10 years and a fine of up to 10 lakhs.

A National surrogacy board or a state surrogacy board will take care and keep the watch on the clinics which are registered under this act.

If you need any guidance regarding surrogacy, test tube child, IVF etc., you can contact me through Lybrate. Also, you can book an appointment and can meet me in complete women health care.

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