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Struggling to become a morning person? Here are 4 tips to ditch your Snooze button.

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Dr.Ambalal Patil 89% (1497ratings)
General Physician, At Post - Dhanore, Tal - Khed, Dist - Pune  •  19years experience
Struggling to become a morning person?   Here are 4 tips to ditch your  Snooze  button.

So your folks have always been advising, Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise? But, it is so not you. You realise that waking up early has its perks but cannot bring yourself to do it? You must have categorised yourself as nocturnal and left things at that.

Fact is, getting up early morning not only makes you more productive it also makes you less stressful. It is better to start your day on a calm note than rushing to get ready and leave for work. Give your body time to get out of sleep before you begin your daily grind.

1) Sleep is first: Deadline is an excuse. Make it a point to sleep at an assigned hour and waking up at a particular time.

2) Break the cycle: You sleep late, you wake up late and the cycle continues. Break this by forcing yourself to sleep at a particular time. Use simple ways such as having a warm glass of milk before bed, exercising, etc to make yourself fall asleep.
3) Be patient: It is ok to fail. The trick is to keep trying. Your body is used to a certain sleeping pattern and it will take a few days before it can accept a new one.
4) Start small: Take baby steps. On the first day, sleep 15 minutes earlier than your regular time and wake up 15 minutes earlier. Increment it till you reach your goal time.

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