Slit - New Methods To Treat Your Allergies!

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Slit - New Methods To Treat Your Allergies!

Sublingual immunotherapy, abbreviated as SLIT, is a new way to treat allergies by doctors without injections or medication. In this method, doctors do not address the allergies with medicines, in fact, patients are administered with very small doses of allergens to increase tolerance against allergens.

This method of treating allergies is effective as the allergists find it healthy for the patients to outgrow the sensitivity towards the allergies and hence outgrow the condition. With the ongoing studies on this method of treatment and with the recent developments in the field of allergists, sublingual immunotherapy is effective and more sort after the method.


Allergists first diagnose the allergy and understand the condition. They perform various tests to confirm the allergies pertaining to the specific or multiple allergens. To verify the degree of sensitivity, doctors use the allergens and check the tolerance level. Then they recommend allergen drops accordingly.

The allergen drops are extracts of allergens that are prescribed to the patients. The patient is advised to take these drops by keeping it under the tongue. It is recommended to keep the drops on the tongue for a few minutes and then swallow it. The course of drops is decided by the doctors, which highly depends upon your sensitivity.

By taking drops of allergens, you develop the immunity gradually, which eventually helps to treat the allergies from the root and there is no need for medicines and injections. The method is also effective for seasonal allergies, allergies from ragweed, and dust mites.

Is it Safe?

Sublingual immunotherapy is used after the detailed study of allergens and its effect on human immune system for 20 years and intense clinical trials. The research proves that SLIT helps treat asthma and rhinitis due to an allergy to dust mites, ragweed, pollen, and grass.

Diseases like rhinitis can be controlled without any medicines with the help of SLIT. During the hay fever season, patients can get the allergy drops and the symptoms of the allergy such as watery eyes and itching can be reduced.

The side effects of allergen drops are very mild. However, the allergens are prescribed to the patients after proper diagnosis. If the allergy is not severe, the same can be treated with mild allergens. The drops are increased after a noticeable decline in the allergy and use of medicine for the disease.

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