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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Sleeping With A Pillow- Is It Good Or Bad For You?

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Dr. Amar RaykantiwarGeneral Physician • 16 Years Exp.D ( Diabetology), AFIH, DNB (F.MEDICINE), MBBS
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Even though you might feel it is impossible to sleep without pillows, you will be surprised to know that sleeping without a pillow is a good way of preventing neck, back, and shoulder pain. Remember when you were a child, you would fall asleep at any place without waiting for a pillow? The human body can thus adapt to any situation owing to its resilience. And as we age, we are still able to rest our body comfortably without needing a pillow or any other form of support.

The Many Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Pillow-
If you have already encountered some signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation, you will need to find the root of the problem. In doing this, you may find that all these health issues may stem from the pillow you sleep on. If you, like many others, believe that pillows are an indispensable part of your sleep, you may be wrong. Your soft and cozy pillow may do you harm without leaving any scope of suspicion. Here are some of the most compelling advantages of not using a pillow while sleeping:

  1. Neck and Shoulder Benefits: When you don’t have a pillow while sleeping, your back, neck and shoulder muscles will extend naturally without causing any aches or sprains. When you sleep on a pillow that is very soft, it will strain the muscles on the neck while also decreasing the flow of blood to the head. When your head is tilted downwards on any pillow that is not able to provide optimum support for the head, the airflow to the respiratory system is much reduced. If you are already suffering from neck and shoulder pain, you may try sleeping a night without any support to see if the pain subsides.
  2. Spinal benefits: Sleeping on your back without a pillow allows the spine to rest completely with the natural curves of the body. Sleeping with a thick pillow can displace your spine.
  3. Sleep Benefits: When you are not having any neck and head support while sleeping, your body would be able to rest optimally. When you sleep on pillows that do not offer good support, your body starts compensating by engaging the back and neck muscles. This causes more strain when the body is supposed to be resting to overcome everyday stress.
  4. Facial Benefits: Many people tend to bury their face in the pillow while sleeping. This will prevent your face from being able to breathe and perspire. The pores on the skin surface will not have any access to air. This leads to the formation of oil and grease on the face, and it will give way to blackheads as the added dust and impurities on the surface of the pillow will come in contact with your face.

For all these compelling reasons, you can try to forgo your pillows and observe improvement in your general health.

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