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Shoulder Related Problems

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I am Dr. Hitesh Kubadia, Orthopedist. I will talk about the problem of the shoulder joint. Patients tell me that they have frozen shoulder. They may have frozen shoulder but what I have seen that it is not frozen shoulder in a few of the cases. What they have is called subacromial. They have some swelling in between 2 bones. Because of this, the movement of the shoulder gets restricted. This causes a lot of pain. This reduces the movement of the shoulder. This can be easily diagnosed in the clinical examination. Very rarely we need to do an MRI scan. We insert an injection in the joint which helps in reducing the swelling and pain.

The moment pain is reduced, the shoulder starts moving comfortably. Another common problem is of shoulder dislocation. The shoulder is a kind of a socket joint. It has a ball and a socket. The shoulder is a very versatile joint and requires a lot of movement. The socket is very shallow. To increase the depth, the tissue is called liberal tissue. Something will get teared then the only shoulder will come out. And when we put the shoulder back to its place, tissue also goes at its place. So, it becomes common for the shoulder to get dislocate again and again. Every time when shoulder gets dislocated, there is no damage causing in the ligaments. So, what is recommended?

We impair the tissue and then it is back to its place. This is done arthroscopically. When tissue is back to its origin, it prevents the shoulder from coming out. Another common problem we see in the older age group is the tear in the rotator cuff. Now, what is it? It is a very common pathology. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles. When tender tear, it actually goes back and comes and lies between the 2 bones. Again it causes pain. Being a very important stabilizer of the shoulder, taking out the shoulder becomes very difficult. So, what is to be done as it causes a problem in the routine activity. These are the common pathology are seen around for shoulders and they have a very good system of the treatment. So, treatment helps in decreasing the pain.


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