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X-Ray Ankle (Right) (AP View) Test

X-Ray Ankle (Right) (AP View) Test

X-Rays are used in radiography to view images of the internal structure of bones. AP (anteroposterior) view of right ankle X-Ray is where the X-Ray beam passes from front to back of the right ankle bone structure. This view gives accurate image of the distal tibia, distal fibula, proximal talus and proximal metatarsals which are bones in the ankle region (talocrural region). Anyone with symptoms like, pain, swelling, tenderness and deformity of the ankle joint will undergo the ankle X-ray AP view.

No special preparation is required. It’s recommended that you do not wear jewellery or other metallic objects around the leg or ankle. No fasting is required. Prior to the X-ray, visit the doctor to discuss your symptoms and discomfort if any. Preferably, the person undergoing X-ray should be accompanied by someone.

The right ankle X-ray AP view helps to detect broken bones and dislocated right ankle joint. Cysts, tumours and fluid in the joint can be easily seen in the X-ray image. If surgery of the right ankle is required, the X-ray helps to prepare and plan appropriately. Sometimes, based on the X-ray report, a CAT scan or MRI is done as investigation.

An X-ray AP view method is quick, safe, painless and non-invasive. It bears no major risk of any harmful radiation. Sometimes, lead shield/apron is given to protect other parts of the body from being exposed to the X-ray. The X-ray room is a separate AC room with an examination table and an X-ray machine hanging from the ceiling. Any type of clothing around the right ankle is removed. The technician will help you to position your right ankle and give you instructions of how to sit or stand. It’s important to keep the right ankle still while the imaging is done. X-ray AP imaging of the left ankle may also be done to compare the bone structure.

The technician usually operates the X-ray machine from the same room or from a separate enclosure. The X-ray machine sends a beam of radiation through the right ankle for an AP view of the right ankle. Black and white images of the bones and soft tissues are recorded on a special X-ray film. Dense structures that block the passage of the X-ray beam through the body appear as white. Qualified radiologist interprets the X-ray images to prepare a report.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.200 to Rs.1300 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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