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Severe Earwax Buildup - Common Reasons Behind The Same!

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Severe Earwax Buildup - Common Reasons Behind The Same!

In the ear canal, you have a sebaceous gland, which produces a yellowish material called cerumen or earwax. Apart from cerumen, other dust particles also build up inside the ear like hair, dead cells, dust, and foreign materials. This earwax or cerumen acts as a protective coating on the inner side of the ear. It keeps the ears clean and lubricated all the time by trapping the dirt, repelling water, and much more.

Earwax is acidic in nature and also has antibacterial properties, which help in protecting the ears. Without earwax, your ears will become too dry, infected, and water-clogged as well.
Sometimes, when excessive cerumen is produced by the glands than is necessary, it gets clogged inside the ear and your ears get blocked. It will become too hard for you to clean the ears in a natural way. Even when you are trying to clean or pull out the excess earwax with the help of an earbud, there are chances that you push it deep inside. In some cases, there can be a temporary hearing loss due to excess earwax. In all such cases, visit a doctor immediately to clean off the excess earwax that is accumulated in your ears.

Common reasons for severe earwax buildup:

  • Excess production of cerumen
  • Using Q tips, Bobby pins, keys, or napkin edges to clean your ears
  • Excess use of earplugs
  • Inferior quality hearing aids
  • Swimming

To get rid of an itching sensation in the ears or to clean the ears, people often use wrong pins or items, which push the earwax further inside. This way, a lot of earwax gets accumulated inside the ears. Similarly, too much use of earplugs can cause severe earwax buildup. You should make sure that you are using the right method for cleaning your ears and you should clean them frequently to avoid buildup of earwax.

Treatment methods:
Many people face this kind of problem and your doctor will recommend some simple and easy ways to get rid of earwax.

  • Ear drops are suggested as the first step of cleaning excess earwax in the ears. Usually, you need to take a few drops of this in the night and sleep. The earwax will fall off on its own by morning.
  • Ear irrigation is another method used by most of the doctors. In this method, water is applied with pressure in the ears so that the earwax is washed out.
  • Manual removing is also suggested sometimes, if ear irrigation is not working.

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