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Sciatica - Things To Know About It

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Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
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I am Santosh Kumar Pandey. So today I'm in front of you to share something very special and which is very common nowadays I'm seeing lots of patients suffering from sciatica. Sciatica mostly app logo ko pata hai ki sciatica kya cheez hoti hai, lekin fir bhi I would like to just give you a brief about that and what we can help into that. So you know most of the problems are due to our lifestyle, so what is that and why it is? sometimes it's common, sometime it's uncommon, but it's still what I'm seeing at my clinic right from youngest to very old ages patients are coming for the lower back pain. The pain, it travels towards the knee, some time till the ankle from the mid of the back to side-ward of the legs, knees and it's reaching to the toes also, sometimes small toes. I'm seeing that patients are suffering from sciatica, so why is it so common?

First, what I do understand is due to our lifestyle, why lifestyle? we are not exercising properly, we are not taking care of the health properly or our working style, working hours, sitting longer hours. So most of the patients they are like in the 30s and 40s, 45s and sometimes 50s also and I would say it is the unbearable type of pain they are suffering. Most commonly what I have seen are the girls after the pregnancy, they are coming to us for the pain and people who are actually working on the computer all the time or sitting for longer hours or carrying weight. Jo log bahut jyada wajan dhote hain, proper stretches nhi karte hain, so sabse badi baat hai ki yadi unhone ne dhyaan nhi diya aur ye puraana hota gya, it becomes chronic then and it's really very difficult and then there they had it. So at our clinic we are taking a lot of care for that and we are getting lots of wonderful results and I would say within ten to twenty days they're out of the problem.

So what do we do? first we check a lot of things and then we check their muscles with piriformis assist, very tight, very stiff and then of course along with that we avoid their lifestyle problems and whatever they are suffering. So what we do normally? we start with checking SLR(straight leg raise), if SLR is positive, of many cases SLR is positive of course, so we do acupuncture for them, we do physiotherapy exercises for them and the third part is their diet. So in diet we suggest what is avoidable for them it's like khatta-teekha, people are having lots of sour and spice and all these things, so mostly we avoid their bad eating habits and acupuncture is one of the magical treatment from what I am seeing at my clinic and this month I think I have seen more than 30 sciatic patients and why I am talking eagerly about this case?

because if they are not taking care of sciatica or back pain, if it becomes very chronic then it is very difficult to handle. Log 10-15 saal suffer karte hain aur bahut saare cases mein kuch din ke liye dard kuch kam ho jata hai, subside ho jata hai and again it comes back and if it remains for a longer period, it is very difficult to deal with. so friends agar kabhi bhi yadi agar kisi ko bhi aapne dekha ki is tarah ka pain ho raha hai, sciatic nerve compress ho rahi hai. It is almost a disc like cell, open the reports or MRI scan and you will see their is a herniation of the disc. So acupuncture along with exercise, physiotherapy exercises and postural awareness and with the diet, it is very much curable very much treatable.

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