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Role of Diet in Weight Training!

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M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition
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Role of Diet in Weight Training!

There are simple dietary rules that must be followed to build muscles and to get stronger. The problems that can be caused by unhealthy nutrition include high body fat, digestive problems and lack of energy. It is very important to include a healthy diet and lose fat. Eating a good breakfast is very important as it provides the required energy for the rest of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast is always best and for that cottage cheese, egg omelet and fresh home-cooked breakfast can be included in the diet.

Good and Healthy Nutrition
A lot of changes occur in the muscles during resistance training. Further, having a protein rich diet is very beneficial. The other two macro-nutrients that are required for bodybuilding include carbohydrates and fat. Without supplementation, hydration and proper nutrition it would be difficult and you cannot witness any gains. Weight training is mainly 80% nutrition and these two factors cannot be separated. These two work synergistically and help in achieving your goals.

Weight Training Regime
It is very important that the weight training regime that is followed fits your lifestyle and it must be followed at least 2-3 times in a week. The weight training regime must include a variety of programs such as full body programs, and upper and lower body splits. The weight training routine must be chosen according to what suits your schedule. Remarkable results can be gained through the weight training program and must be done consistently.

Benefits of Weight Training
The benefits that can be gained include increased ligament strength, increased muscle contractile strength, increased muscle-fiber size and increased tendon strength. All these together are of great use in attaining a healthier body. A combination of proper diet and weight training stimulates various physiological responses. These are known to enhance the function as well as the structure of the skeletal muscle. The benefits of weight training include an increase in metabolism of the body, strength, and increased muscle endurance.

Basically, the way the hormones in our body respond to weight training and affect the muscle growth mainly depends on the nutrition provided to the body. The nutritional needs vary for every individual and when it comes to healthy eating, including a lot of veggies in the diet is very important. It is crucial that water is also included. 

Have a Healthy Diet
Including a healthy diet before pre-work out helps to improve the performance; especially if it is performance related. The snack must be eaten thirty minutes before exercising as it helps to avoid overeating the rest of the day. Including a home-cooked breakfast in the diet is also very beneficial as you can gain fiber, protein all at the same time. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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