Robotic Surgery - Understanding The Advantages Of It!

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Robotic Surgery - Understanding The Advantages Of It!

Robotic surgery as the name suggests is a high-end robot-assisted surgery which lets the doctors perform various types of complex procedures that would be difficult otherwise. They are a type of minimally invasive surgery and is one of the most technically advanced treatment methods across the world.

About Robotic Surgery: 
One of the common misconceptions is that in a robotic surgery often the robots would take care of the surgery. This is incorrect. Robotic surgeries involve an expert surgeon who performs the surgery and it is exactly as per his/her maneuver that the robotic surgery takes place. The procedure includes a high precision camera that is placed into our systems.

This gives a 3D high definition vision to the surgeon, who sits at the console and operates. The controls on the console resemble a joystick, the doctor proceeds with the actual surgery – where the mechanized arms of the robot perform the surgery. So be rest assured! Nowhere does the robot perform the surgery with a mind of their own.


  1. Flexibility: In spite of tremendous advancements in the medicinal field, human error is still the leading cause of surgery failures. The ENDO-WRIST of robot makes this precision possible, this considerably reduces the errors and one gets a precise and flexible option.
  2. Better Visuals: Since almost the entire operation is done with the help of a high precision 3D HD monitor, doctors are able to identify the predicaments better. Also, their judgment becomes of high value when surgeries are opted for.
  3. Minimal Blood Loss: The very factor that many individuals still dread is the loss of blood during a surgery; the risk of the same is also minimised to a great extent with the use of a robotic surgery. Also, the pain after the treatment is comparatively lesser.
  4. Fewer Complications: One of the major effects of a regular surgery is the complications that might arise post the treatment. This is considerably reduced when opting for a robot surgery. The treatment plans are precise and to the point.
  5. Less Recovery Time: Your recuperation period is considerably reduced when you opt for robotic surgery, as the procedures are minimally invasive. Also, your stay in the hospital too doesn’t require more than few days.

Robotic surgeries have gained popularity in the recent years as they are accurate, less painful and carried out with utmost meticulousness. It is a special branch of medicinal science and only a doctor who is qualified for it can opt to give the services. Robotic surgeries cannot be done for every part and is advancing by the day. Currently, the most common robotic surgeries are performed in the complex procedures of oncology.

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