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Ritucharya for Hemanta

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Dr. Harsha Nair 90% (174 ratings)
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Ritucharya for Hemanta

Hemanta ritu (winter season) and shishira ritu (cold and dewy season)


  1. Sweet, sour and salt taste food can be taken. In this season the digestive activity becomes more powerful. Increased vata gets obstructed from spreading out due to cold atmosphere outside which can digest the tissues. More intake of sweet, sour and salt helps reducing the vata. 
  2. Wine prepared from;jaggery;(molasses) can be taken.
  3. Wheat/gram flour products, milk products, sugarcane products and corn/edible oils can be taken as a part of food.
  4. Dig into piping hot, oily, sour; salty food along with rice. Also plenty of cow’s milk; cane juice.


  •     Massage with oil.
  •     Udwarthan with fine paste/powder of kumkum (kesar).
  •     Exercise (vyayama).
  •     Clothing-leather, silk and wool.
  •     Exposure to sunlight and fire to keep yourself warm.
  •     Don’t expose yourself to cold.
  •     Go for an invigorating oil massage followed by tepid water bath.
  •     Cover your body with sufficient warm wraps.
  •     Indulge in intense sexual pleasure.
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