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Renal (Kidney) Stones And Its Management

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MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Mch - Urology
Urologist, Mumbai  •  18years experience
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I am Dr. Ashish Gupta, Urologist. Today I will talk about urinary stones. It is very common problem. It causes the problem in kidney function. It can cause to remove the kidney and risk of life. It occurs in the 10% of the Indian population. Awareness is the key factor. It gives one of the most severe pains one can have. Urinary stones are formed because of crystals which cannot come out of urinary or renal system. We can modify few factors to prevent stones. Now we have latest treatment which give the fast recovery and good treatment. Urinary stones are 3-4 types. Calcium oxalate stones, uric acid stones and mixed stones. It can give the complications like fever, and risk of death.Hydrotherapy is one of the treatments. Before open surgery was the only option.

But now endoscopic laser surgery options are available which provide rapid recovery to the patient. Patient can go home in just one day. We ensure of the complete stones clearance with minimum threat to life. After treatment we need to see the prevention option for stones recurring. Stones formation depends upon the fluid intake. So, maintain the fluid intake. Take 3 liters per day. Reduce the amount of animal protein, cabbage, tomato. Increase your fiber intake. Try to reduce you non-veg diet. So regular sonography. Take proper medical consultation. Urine tests are recommended for any stone detection. Good diet is very important. Open surgeries are not recommended now.

Thank You.

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