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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Reasons Regular Exercise Is Necessary For Better Sex!

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Every one is aware that exercise offers several health benefits, both physically and mentally. A few are aware that exercise is indeed the key to a better, energetic and active sex life. There have been several studies that assert that regular exercise can have a positive impact on your sex life. Read on to get a deeper insight on how exercise can improve the quality of your sex life.

Exercise ensures genital arousal: It is a proven fact that exercise boosts blood flow. And sexual responses, especially in men, have a lot to do with the blood flow. When the sexual desire of a person gets turned on, the erectile tissues become filled with blood, resulting in arousal of the genitals. In order to experience complete genital arousal, for example preventing erectile dysfunction, a good blood circulation becomes necessary which can be achieved by exercise.

It naturally boosts the libido: Various studies have shown the perfect combination of the two sex hormones, estrogen, and testosterone, to be responsible for sexual desire. Yes, it is also the hormones that that regulates the majority of behavioural and physiological activities. As exercise helps in maintaining a perfect balance between the hormones, it naturally boosts the sex drive or the libido.

Exercise also improves performance: Studies have shown that those who exercise on a regular basis enjoy a better sex life than those who don't practice any physical activities at all. There's no denying of this scientifically proven fact that regular exercising improves the stamina or endurance of a person, increasing the heart and lung capacity. Exercise also allows the muscles in the body to function for longer periods of time which ensures longer and more satisfying sexual experience.

Exercise also helps to relax: Anxiety and stress often take a serious toll on a person’s sex life, making it difficult to achieve an orgasm or set the mood right, resulting in complications of sexual arousal. Depression, anxiety, and stress also lead to sleep deprivation which also hampers the sex life, making one feel agitated and stressed all the time. However, exercise can be an effective solution to all these as it simply relaxes the mind and ensures a good night’s sleep which boosts the sex life.

In case, you are experiencing any difficulty or issues regarding your sex life, make it a point to consult with a sexologist right away. Remember, the very purpose of exercising is not only to boost your sex life but also for improving your physical qualities. Therefore, without consulting a doctor, don’t opt for any strenuous physical activity as it can deteriorate your overall health condition, resulting in decreased quality of your sex life. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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