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Dr.Mani Sethi Sawhney 87% (213ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi  •  31years experience
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Hello. I am Dr. Mani Sethi Sawhney. A homeopathy consultant. Prarctising in Preetam pura in rohini fort for more than 20 years. In my practice I have treated many chronic cases like gyne diseases, children diseases, but I have found certain patients of skin problems who hesitation trying homeopathy, so today I have chosen a skin disease, Psoriasis to discuss. What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition in which there is a rapid built up of skin tissues. As a result lots of skin scales are formed on the skin which are rounded by red and inflamed skin. The skin is dry and it sometimes get cracked and bleeds. So the patient has a lot of suffering when he keeps on cleaning the scales from the skin and gets irritated due to the itching. In that case I will advise the patient to take homeopathy which will definitely help them in treating the problem. Coming to the causes of Psoriasis, it is due to an autoimmune disorder and it could be genetic also. The parts which are mostly effected are joints like knees and elbows, and it can also effect the other parts of the body like face, scalp, hands and feet. And rarely effected parts include nails and the genitals. The common symptoms are again the silver and white color scale that are formed on the skin over the hard and dratted and inflamed skin in patches. The nails become brittle and discolored. Then some time the joints are swollen and pain full, and this disorder can also be genetically transmitted to the other family members. The most commonly treatment given is external applications. Like ointments and moisturizers which gives the temporary cure for the disease. In homeopathy what we offer to the patient is a permanent cure of Psoriasis for that you need to visit a homeopath, who with his knowledge and art of case taking can find the true smilimum and correct remedy for your problem. In homeopathy we take that includes mental makeup and psychological problems of the patient which help in finding the true smilum and it definitely give a rapid, gentle and a permanent cure to the patient. So I strongly advise patients of Psoriasis and other skin diseases to try homeopathy with positive mind set to have a permanent cure. For that they can consult me on Lybrate or visit my clinic.

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