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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

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Looks Forever Hair And Skin Aesthetic ClinicDermatologist • 23 Years Exp.Dermatologist

Hi, this is Dr Sonia Sharma from Looks Forever. Today I’m going to tell you something good for your skin. This is basically for the PRP session. This is Platelet-Rich Plasma which is going to help you out for your rejuvenation your acne marks, for any kind of your skin problems like sagging or ageing skin.

So, we are rejuvenating your skin with PRP. In that, what we exactly do is that your platelet will be there and we will deliver to the area which is not boosting proper collagen. This the boosting of the collagen. There are definitely some skin problems that people find like pigmentation. In pigmentation, PRP is also going to help you in different ways. We are giving a fractional laser with PRP so that will boost the effects on your skin if you’re going to take these kinds of skin treatments. Nowadays people find problems like sagging and they want something which will last longer. If you opt for PRP it is very safe, it does not have a single effect.

Will side effects be there or any problem?

Not at all. Anybody can take up the PRP session. You can take three to four sessions which will last around one or two years. You will find out things like you won’t have to go for regular facials. So PRP will give you a very long lasting effect. With boosting effect, we are giving you PRP with a laser with micro-needling. We are combining it and making a cocktail of PRPs with a different equipment so that you have long lasting effect on better results. We can show you results within two to three sessions. You are able to see and find out yourself that you are looking much younger than before. Your scar is getting left behind and more and more glowing skin with the help of PRPs.

Looks forever is using cocktail procedures in which we are just mixing different types of machines, different types of systems, different types of things with PRP to give you long lasting effect with treatments. We have chemical peel system with a combination effect. We are not giving just a single type of effect – giving PRP in a single session or chemical peel in another session – we are just combining it to give you a proper effect with a treat of a skin. We just have to check things as to what kind of skin you have, what kind of problems exactly you have in your skin, and whether you’re allergic to anything, or if you’re finding it better, about your lifestyle and everything.

So come to Looks Forever and we are giving you a youthful, glowing skin here.

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