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Last Updated: May 18, 2023

Protein In Diet

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Dt. Lokendra TomarDietitian/Nutritionist • 23 Years Exp.Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, B.Pharma, MD - Alternate Medicine


I am Dr. Lokendra Tomar, weight loss and wellness coach. I believe in sharing true knowledge so that you can live a disease free life. A lot of people who wants to follow high protein diet and people normally don't understand what is high protein diet so let us understand and decide when we'll call a high protein diet. So suppose a person weighs 100 kgs but as per his height his body weight should be 65 kgs. So protein calculation will be done on the ideal body weight which is 65 kg. Protein calculation will not be done on his present weight of 100 kgs. Suppose if we take 1 gm per kg of ideal body weight then this person should consume 65 gm of protein powder not 100 gm protein per day.

Always calculate protein requirement based on ideal body weight and ideal body weight can be calculated with the help of BMI chart. If you are exercising a lot really, having some athletic pattern of living then you can go to 1.5 gm of protein per kg of body weight or if you are a sedentary just going to the office not doing much work then you can take anywhere between 0.75-1 gm per kg of ideal body weight. So this is the way you can calculate your protein requirement. Very good source of protein is eggs. Even paneer is also a very good source of protein for vegetarian. Soya products are also a good source of protein for vegetarian. If you can have non-veg then they are a really good source of protein.

I will say that the No. 1 source of protein which is easy to digest is egg. If someone wants to eat chicken or another source of protein like readymade protein, concentrated protein, whey protein, soya protein isolate - they are all good source of protein depending upon the digestive ability of the person. If you can digest them, then definitely you can consume them. Just try which protein suits your digestive system and continue with that. If you want to consult me then you can consult me through lybrate or you can contact me at my clinic.

Thank you!


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