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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Premarital Counseling

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Dr. Yashica GudesarGynaecologist • 25 Years Exp.MBBS, DNB - Obstetrics and Gynecology, DGO

Hello, I am Dr. Yashica Gudesar I am a Gynecologist practicing in Dwarka since 17 years and I have a special interest in premarital and preconception counseling. Premarital counseling is very important think now days. Premarital counseling is a therapy that helps couple to prepare for marriage. In marriage, before getting married you should know each other well, you should know the relation, how to get in a relationship and how to complete a relationship and in the relationship what the problems you are facing. In India, we are getting married but we are not talking to each other. We are meeting each other we are talking to each other nut we are not talking about the further things which are involved during after the marriage like the contraception and planning about a baby so that is very important. We should decide early we should… when are we going to plan a baby because unplanned pregnancy are also not very good. We should always have a planned pregnancy and we should go for a preconception counseling. If you are going for a marriage, you should better go with your partner to a doctor and get yourself investigated. There are some test that need to be done like HIV, Hepatitis-B, DVRL some STD tests which is required to be rules out if you or your partner is suffering from an STD. because if any STD is there then post marriage you have some infection like honeymoon cystitis and pelvic Inflammatory diseases which might cause problem in initial months just after marriage. Better get yourself investigated and your partner investigated. The aim of premarital counseling is to prevent oneself from having unwanted pregnancies, to prevent oneself from infectious diseases, prevent from having an unsuccessful relation and to have a planned pregnancy. We should know what the fertile period is, what is the safe period and when is the time when there are high chances to get pregnant and what are the period when you are less chances of getting married. So and you should know completely about contraception. Contraception is very important because if you are planning to get married and into a relationship you should use contraception it’s depending on whether you are planning a baby or you not planning a baby. Just after marriage using a barrier method like a condom and oral contraceptive pills are the best methods to be used together just for 3 to 6 months till you decide which more of you are comfortable in. it is always better to discuss with your doctor. You should start planning 1 month, at least, one month prior to your marriage, because contraceptive pills oral contraceptive pills have effect starting one month if taken one month before. By failing to prepare, you preparing to fail. Thank you and if you want to further contact me you can video call me, you call on Lybrate or you can visit by website and the blog and we can have a discussion of premarital counseling. Thank you