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Piles - Ayurvedic Management & Surgery (Ksharsutra) To Treat It!

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Piles - Ayurvedic Management & Surgery (Ksharsutra) To Treat It!

Ayurveda has been one of the most important and popular form of Indian medicine practice which has been in use for centuries. Nowadays, it has spread worldwide and have become much more advanced that what it previously was. Ayurvedic treatment and remedies are holistic and can effectively address different conditions of the body in several areas including mind, body and spirit.

Ayurvedic remedies not only help a person to recover from a medical disorder, but it uplifts the overall metabolism of the sufferer.

What is Piles?

Piles is one of the common medical problem which millions of people face every year. Piles are the inflamed or swollen set of tissues which are present in the sensitive anal area. These can range from different sizes and can also be present in various areas i.e. internal or external. Ayurveda has different methods for treating piles. One of the most effective and considered as the last option is the Ksharsutra or Ayurvedic surgery.

Ayurvedic Management of Piles (Ksharsutra)

Piles can be treated in a lot of Ayurvedic ways - agnikarma, kshara, bhaishajya chikitsa and Ksharsutra. We will be talking about how Ksharsutra is effective and how it will help a person recover from serious piles problem.

The Procedure

Ksharsutra is the special use of medically induced thread at whose base has been tied to a hemorrhoid. This stops the blood supply to the vein which consequently it shrinks in a span of 7-10 days. After a few more days, the hemorrhoid will eventually become feeble and fall off. After the treatment procedure has been completed, you will be given specific Ayurvedic medicines or herbs which will help you to recover from postoperative stage.

The ingredients are mostly given to boost the metabolism and healing capabilities of the person who underwent the surgery. If the Piles had affected you very seriously, there might some important but permanent changes to your diet to prevent such conditions once again in the future.

Is Ksharsutra Really Effective?

Ksharsutra treatment is effective and it can really help the person suffering from piles to recover completely. But the potential risks should also be kept in mind. Without the risk of an infection or postoperative complications, this method can really very helpful to treat piles in a minimally evasive way. Many people recover within 10-15 days of surgery whereas in some cases it can take 21 days as well. So, based on the metabolism and medical history of the patient the treatment will be effective in it's own way.

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