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Penis Cancer

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Penis Cancer
Penis Cancer

The male organ of copulation urination. It is a cylindrical pendulous organ suspended from the front and sides of the pubic arch.

Symptoms:- Penis cancer is generally found in men, past the middle age. The prepuce and glans are the parts most commonly affected. A small wart - like tumor first appears. It finally ulcerates developes fungus growths and oozes fetid  bloody matter. As the disease ad-vances, it extends to abdomen later in volves the inguinal and adjacent glands. Exact cause is not known but it is beli-eved that the syphilitic ulcer may develop into this kind of cancer.

Homeopathic Treatment:
Aurum met 30, phytolacca q, scrophularia q, strychninum sulph 30 other medicine. 

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