Oxford Knee & Partial Knee Replacement - Know About Them!

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Oxford Knee & Partial Knee Replacement - Know About Them!

Knee replacement is a surgical method that doctors prescribe if a patient has a severely disabled knee joint. A knee replacement can help restore mobility and function in a diseased knee joint. It is a common procedure in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee. In knee replacements, the damaged part of the joint is cut away and replaced by an artificial joint made from metal alloys, polymers and high-grade plastics.

Before a knee replacement surgery is carried out, the doctor will assess the stability, range of motion and the strength of your knee. This is usually done with the help of X-rays. 

When it is done?

Knee replacement becomes a necessity if a person has trouble climbing stairs, walking and standing up after sitting down – symptoms of osteoarthritis.

The Oxford knee

Initially, the knee replacement devices had flaws – they wore out quickly or the parts fell out. Professor John O’Connor and Dr John Goodfellow collaborated and in 1976, came up with the oxford knee to negate the shortcomings of the previous knee replacement devices.

Oxford knee revolutionised knee replacement surgery. In most cases of knee replacement, only a partial area of the knee needs to be replaced. In this procedure, only the affected area is replaced while keeping all the other areas including ligaments intact.

The advantages of getting an oxford knee replacement are

  • The procedure is minimally invasive

  • You may be required to stay in the hospital for just 2-3 days

  • The pain is less

  • Compared to a full knee replacement, the recovery is quicker

  • More portions of healthy bone are preserved

  • The range of motion is better and more natural

  • The chances of complications arising are fewer compared to a total knee replacement

Consult with your doctor to determine if an oxford knee replacement surgery is suitable for you.


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