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Osteoporotic Fractures

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Hi! I am Dr Rahul Chaudhari, Orthopedics, Dr. 7 Orange Hospital, Pune. Today I will talk about osteoporotic fractures. Osteoporosis is thinning of the bone. In this, you may have fragile and brittle bones which can develop a fracture. It is a silent disease. It is a preventable disease and treatable condition. The patient has severe back pain and has difficulties in changing positions. We advise the patient for complete bed rest. Few medicines we also suggest. We give the medicines to increase the bone mass. The patient may need surgical intervention. 1 in 3 females and 1 in 5 males this disease happens.

Usually, these patients may have bones abnormality. If we advice prolonged bed rest, they may develop other bad conditions. To give them relief from this problem, we give surgical interventions. We have different techniques to treat the patient. 1st technique is cement injection. We pass the needle into the fractured bone under local anaesthesia. We inject liquid cement. It gives instant pain relief to the patient and also gives support to the fractured body. Within 24 hours we can make the patient sit and walk. There is another in cement injection technique called kyphoplasty treatment. It is to reduce pain and increase stability.

Another technique is percutaneous pedicle fixation is the part of minimally invasive spine surgery. We put the screws also. And then we attach the rod to particular screws so that we can deload the fractured body. The patient can walk out of the hospital within 24 hours. It gives instant pain relief and to mobilize the patient. Risks are very minimal. No general anaesthesia, no blood loss, the Hospital stay is for only 24 hours. The patient gets instant pain relief. The patient can do his regular activities. Thank You.

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