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3D CT Scan - Thigh Test

3D CT Scan - Thigh Test

Computerized tomography is a technique used to analyze the specific body parts and their internal structure. A Computerized topography Scan is handy for getting the detailed picture of internal body organs and the defect they are having. Regular X-rays do not provide a clear picture of soft tissues present in solid organs, muscles, brain, blood vessels, nerves, etc. sometimes a contrast dye is used to get a clearer picture of soft tissues. A good CT Scan takes multiple no of x-rays to determine the cross-sectional image of the thigh or any other body part.

Before the test starts, a dye kind of material is applied which helps in giving contrast to the scan. The contrast is provided by injecting the dye directly into the veins. It is said not to eat after the dye is injected for at least four hours. You must convey your discomforts if any who happened after the dye was being injected into your veins. Be honest and attentive; this will help you in avoiding any aches for future. Also during the test, all the jewelry and anything made up of metal should be removed from your body, and you should be wearing the hospital gown during the test.

The 3D CT Scan is done for the detection of following things which are listed below

  • for locating the right area during biopsy
  • for analyzing the reason of muscle pain, ankle pain or joint pain
  • for finding tumors or masses of cancer creating agents
  • the exact part from where the thigh or leg is fractured.
If the test report is healthy, then your leg is okay. But if the test reports are not normal chances are you are may having abnormalities like blood clot in leg, abscess or infection, cancer, etc

  • One has to lie down on a flat table which will go inside the CT scanner.
  • When the table is finally under the scanner then a spiral beam of light around your body taking x-rays.
  • The scanner makes pictures separately of different body, and the process is called slices.
  • These slices are stored or viewed on a monitor and can be printed on a film. 3D models are made by joining these slices.
  • One must lie down and stay still. Moving your body might disrupt the slices which the scanner machine is taking, resulting in blurred x-rays.
  • The test lasts for around 10-15 minutes and the lights used for scanning the body is safe, and no harm done during the scan.

₹ 5,000-9,200

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