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Dr.Haresh Tolia 92% (203ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
General Physician, Mumbai  •  38years experience
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I am Dr. Harish Tolia. I am a family physician in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Today we will talk about obesity. There are lots of questions coming up here on lybrate regarding on how to reduce your weight. Many of the questions are like- I want to reduce my weight in just 1 month. That's a difficult target to achieve. Practically when we advise patients we try to understand their own diet what it is and according to the diet we try to decrease the calorie intake. Usually, it is 10 to 15% initially gradually we decrease it. The target for decreasing the weight should be a maximum of 2 kg per month. Sometimes we get a question like I want to reduce 30 kgs and within a month or so which is not easy not possible and it will give a very rebound phenomenon.

So it is better to go very gradually. Try to adjust yourself to the new diet and go further. We get patients from all over India. Sometimes from South India patient will say I want to decrease my weight then I must know his diet. If I don't know his diet and ask him to eat two chapatis it will be too much for him because he's not used to. If he is from north India if he is eating regularly chapati, if I ask him to eat rice also it's difficult for him. So every individual has to give his full detail of his diet and accordingly we can plan a program for you. Some people are veg some people are non-veg. So for that also we must have a clear idea of what type of food you are going to eat.

Type of work you are doing very heavy manual work or a sedentary type of work. In that case, also calorie intake has to be adjusted according to it. The heavy manual worker cannot take a very low-calorie diet and survive so he should take a high-calorie diet. So initially what I want to tell you is- do not try to reduce your weight drastically. Go very gradually. take a pause and let your body adjust to that type of weight. then again restart your diet or increase your percentage of diet reduction. For more information about this topic, you can consult me through lybrate. You can book your appointment if you want through lybrate and we can chat according to your needs.


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