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No More Bleeding Gums

Dr. Aruna Khadse 89% (111 ratings)
Dentist, navi mumbai  •  10 years experience
No More Bleeding Gums

Nowadays, bleeding gums is a very common problem. Many people complain of bleeding during brushing and sometimes it is without brushing. If you want a solution to this problem then first we have to work on the problem. The common cause of poor gums is food debris or plaque accumulation on the teeth. This plaque if not removed through regular brushing and dental appointments, will harden into what is known as Tartar. ultimately, this will end into inflamed gums which are prone to bleeding.

The other causes for bleeding gums consist of -

Brushing too hard
Improper flossing

Scurvy ( vitamin C deficiency)
Vitamin K deficiency
Hormonal changes during pregnancy
Use of blood thinners

Healthy tips for it:

Brush twice in a day
Rinse your mouth after every snack
Use soft bristle toothbrush and avoid excessive force during brushing
Use proper technique for dental flossing
Go for regular dental check up to avoid future complications

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