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Newborn Conditions Which Are Normal!

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Dr.Supriya Rastogi 91% (39ratings)
MBBS, Diploma In Child Health (DCH), Fellowship On Neonatology
Pediatrician, Faridabad  •  12years experience
 Newborn Conditions Which Are Normal!


There are certain conditions that exist within the newborn babies, which are quite normal. They usually do not require any kind of medical attention. Still, parents, especially mothers become worried whenever their newborn babies happen to come across certain health conditions, as they feel that their babies could get severely affected.

Mothers also get worried because of the special attachment that they carry for their babies and hence they cannot afford to see them suffer.

Now, each and every parent should understand the difference between conditions in newborns that require the interference of paediatricians and those that do not require any kind of medical attention. Normal Behaviours That Babies Exhibit In The First Few Months.

Let us briefly discuss the wide variety of normal behaviours, which babies exhibit in the first few months. They include:

Babies initially have irregular sleeping patterns as well as feeding times for the first three months. Hiccups happen to be normal behaviour for babies and they will not harm the baby anytime.

Newborns can use up all of their senses – they stare at people and things, they tend to enjoy gentle touch and sound of a voice that is soothing All these responses are quite spontaneous, which get lost in a few months time and from then onwards, babies start to make controlled movements.

Tips To Identify Normal Newborn Conditions That Do Not Require Medical Attention

Let us take a look at some of the tips, which would help parents to clearly understand the normal conditions that crop up in newborn babies, which do not need medical attention. They include the likes of:

Newborn Babies cry quite frequently and at times they do so in order to gain attention. They might also cry out of hunger, could feel sleepy or any minor issue, which can be easily taken care of by mothers.

Newborns’ usual sleep cycles tend to be short, which last for about 20 to 40 minutes with broken sleep for 2 to 6 hours.

Do not worry about this sleep pattern as it is quite normal. During sleep, their breathing patterns also happen to be irregular and can be easily woken up. Mothers can put them back to sleep with some lullabies.

Most of the newborns can have skin rashes. There is no need to worry as they are benign and thus require no medical treatment.

Newborn babies, out of their low immunity can easily catch a cold. It is not a serious issue as this goes away within a few days.

Parents can also come across babies, who cough from especially during drinking breast milk. This is nothing to be worried about as it could happen out of trying to drink it too fast.

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