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Myths & Facts About Infertility

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Myths & Facts About Infertility

There are some commonest misconceptions about infertility and these misconceptions should be eliminated as soon as possible so that the actual facts can be known. There are many online sites where you can find detailed information on the scientific explanations regarding infertility and you can follow them.

List of myths and facts regarding infertility:

1. Myth: The menstrual cycle of a woman is for 28 days.
Fact: Normal cycle ranges between 21 to 36 days.

2. Myth: A woman can have pregnancy on the day one of menstrual cycle.
Fact: The released eggs remain viable for almost 12-14 hours and a woman can get pregnant after an intercourse done two days after ovulation and five days before ovulation.

3. Myth: Infertility occurs due to stress.
Fact: Ovulation can surely get delayed due to hormone suppression, but infertility does not occur due to stress.

4. Myth: Sperms stay active for few hours.
Fact: Sperms stay alive at least for five days.

5. Myth: Men with a higher sexual drive will have a normal sperm count.
Fact: There is no relation in between fertility and virility. Sometimes, it has been found that men having a higher sex drive do not produce sperms.

6. Myth: Women have to wait for three months to conceive after stopping the usage of contraceptive pills.
Fact: As soon as a woman stops pill usage, hormonal levels go back to normal condition, as a result of which ovulation begins immediately.

7. Myth: Only females have infertility troubles.
Fact: Both women and men suffer from infertility troubles as per the current scientific studies.

8. Myth: Ovulation occurs in a woman on the 14th day of menstrual cycle.
Fact: Ovulation can be calculated by counting 14 days backwards from the past menstrual cycle's last day.

9. Myth: Daily sex can increase conceiving chances.
Fact: During ovulation, having sex each day, especially in between 12 to 16th day of the cycle can be the best timing.

10. Myth: Fertility troubles occur at 35.
Fact: Peak fertility timing in a woman's life is 20 and this might continue until late 30s. Fertility troubles might even arrive at a younger age. With age, conception chances get declined, especially after 35.

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