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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Most Common Accidents in the Home

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Dr. Anubhav GuptaCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 23 Years Exp.DNB, MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - Plastic Surgery, MBBS

Hello friends,

I am Dr Anubhav Gupta and I am a consultant plastic surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Today we are going to talk about a topic, which usually we see all around us every day in there and out. That is the common household injury that is an injury which we sustain in our household, our kids sustain and everybody of us must or might have this kind of injuries during our lifetime. So, if we are to look broadly, what kind of injuries we sustain at home, you can say some of them are like called kitchen injuries, injuries which are sustained in the kitchen. What they can be, they can be a simple cut by a knife or finger coming into the grinder by a kid or even burns, by hot water spilling and sometimes the oil spilling off, so one is the cut injury and other is the burns. Now, cut injuries can be anywhere in our body, cut injuries are usually in the hand because we are working with the knife with our hands. So one thing which I am going to emphasize here is that, in any injury of the hand we should not take it lightly because our hand is a network of lot of tendons, nerves, ligaments and they are pretty superficial hairs, so any injury, suppose the injury is there in the wrist, it should always be evaluating because there is a lot of function of nerve which is going from here to here. So whenever you have an injury by a knife at home, you should always consult an expert preferably a plastic surgeon. So this is one kind of injury, many times our fingers can come into certain machine and there are cut off, so they if brought properly preserved in time can be put back and you should then there is cut part is there you should be preserved inside a clean cloth and should be put on the ice, not directly but inside a polythene then on ice you should rush to your nearby plastic surgeon and there is a possibility that the cut part can be put together by microvascular surgical technique, now this is one type of injury. The Other type of injury which is common sees the children hand and fingers come into bed boxes, doors this kind of injuries can also be evaluated and the treatment as early as possible. Then many times we slip and we fall, we have multiple injuries, we break a bone, there are wounds, many times kids running around hitting the bed and they have cut all over their face. So these injuries should also be if you want a less scar, if you want a better result you should consult your plastic surgeon. And if there is a hand injury which is not neglected something which is followed in the head we should not neglect. Even if you have slightest of a doubt for example if there is a vomiting, if there is a bleed from the nose or there is some sort of conversion or patient has gone as loss of consciousness, so you should consult a neurosurgeon also. So these are the kind of slip injuries, then sometimes there is a fall of heavy object or fall of things over you, they also should be evaluated. The other injuries if we have seen in children as zipper injuries to the penis that also should not be neglected and immediate action if the skin deep should be taken and whatever surgical intervention is required that should be done. All in all, it is always said that prevention is better than cure. So you should always be very careful when you are around at home and you should not let the kids roam around here and there and they should be supervised and so we can prevent these injuries.


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