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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Moles & Nevus - How Can Plastic Surgery Remove These?

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Dr. Ramakant BembdeCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 26 Years Exp.MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB (Plastic Surgery), Fellowship
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Moles and Nevi are formed when there is a localized concentration of pigment cells on the skin or mucous membrane. They appear as colour growths and may appear anywhere. Colours may vary and can be brown, black, or natural skin colour. These growths usually appear in early childhood or adulthood, but there are some that may appear late. With the passage of time, these growths may change in appearance and become darker in colour or raised in appearance. Hairs may also develop among them.

Treatment for Moles:

Your plastic surgeon can advise to remove a mole when he/she has a clinical suspicion that it may transform into a malignant nevus. People may also want to go for mole removal if it bears an aesthetic dimension. If the patient wants to remove moles from sensitive areas like eyelids, eyes, mouth etc., he/she needs to consider meeting a Plastic Surgeon who is skilled and experienced in mole removal. Plastic surgeons can conduct procedures with minimal scarring.

Plastic Surgery for Mole or Nevi Removal:

There are many processes of mole removal. Some of the commons ones are listed below:

Shaving with Surgical Scalpel:

The plastic surgeon may shave off a small & superficial mole with a surgical scalpel. There are some moles which have cells underneath the skin which may need to make a deeper cut.

CO2 Laser or Electrocautery:

The plastic surgeon may also do cauterisation of the moles using radiofrequency cautery. Laser plastic surgical treatment encounters less scarring. Nevertheless, Laser treatment may be required in stages for satisfactorily removing the deeper moles.

Excision & reconstruction of bigger moles & nevi:

Giant hairy nevus or huge moles needs reconstructive surgery after complete excision of such bigger moles.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery:

  1. Brings Down Risk of Melanoma - Though moles are benign in general, there is a risk of them turning cancerous over time and giving rise to melanoma. This is why plastic surgeon may monitor certain moles in patients and advise mole removal. While cosmetic reasons are attributed to the patient's concerns, doctors are concerned about the likelihood of melanoma. So, the best mole removal procedure can bring down the risk of melanoma.
  2. Cosmetic Benefits - Some moles, especially those in the face, appear unsightly. Removing these moles can offer cosmetic benefits.


In general, moles need to be removed with the help of a plastic surgeon for better cosmetic results & prevention of possible complications.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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