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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Mole Removal - What To Know?

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Dr. HarishDermatologist • 16 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, FRGUHS
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Dermatology is a very vast subject and many times it crosses the medical field to the cosmetology sector, where beautiful skin maintenance is concerned. The case of mole removal, for example, is handled by dermatologists. However, while examining the moles they first confirm that they do not, in any way, pose the risk of melanoma, a type of skin cancer. In fact, it has been reported that a dermatologist in Christchurch, New Zealand is offering free checkups during weekends for melanoma. Her plight is that she lost her brother to melanoma and many people make the mistake of ignoring moles on their skin and pay the heavy price.

A Professional Way Better than Trying at Home
For exactly the reason mentioned above, if you find moles on your skin, you should have the area examined by a dermatologist. The doctor would have the right instruments to identify and check whether they are only moles and then advise the appropriate removal. If the advice from the doctor itself indicates a simple procedure at home, then you can do this. There are over the counter products, such as peels available which can be used and then the moles can be removed. For other cases, you will need to subject yourself to a proper mole removal procedure.

Simple Methods For Surgeries
Chemical peels and burning away the extra growth using Cantharidin are some of the options available to dermatologists to remove moles from your skin. They may either have their own proprietary peels made or use the ones available in the market. Either way, the dermatologist will know how to prepare the skin before applying the remedy and also after treatment care. Skin is a very sensitive part of the body and no risk can be taken. If the mole removal has to be carried out only through a surgical procedure, the dermatologist will make that decision and do it as soon as you are ready.

Again, within the surgical method of removing moles, the doctor may use very simple procedures such as a scalpel to cut and remove the mole as well as a small amount of skin and dress it up. In the next level, the doctor may have to make a proper incision and then stitch up the area around the cut portion. Care will be taken regarding the scar on the skin.

Take Care of Your Skin
Depending on which part of the world you live in, there are steps you must take to protect your skin from getting damaged. In particular, the areas, like the face, neck, shoulders and hands which are exposed to the sun or cold winds or other vagaries that pose risks to the surface of the skin.

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