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Microneedle RF

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Dr. Venu Kumari 92% (1865 ratings)
MD - Venereology and Leprosy, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Dermatologist, Hyderabad  •  14 years experience
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I took Botox because I have this forehead lines and here my eyes have some wrinkles, so I consult at my doctor and she said like why can’t you go for Botox treatment will help you in future, that's why I choose Botox. Actually, Botox is my first time and when I went inside I felt really scared about the treatment. I thought it would be very painful and I was very scared, I told the doctor it will pain, I don't want to do. She said like you don't have to be scared it’s just it will be pricky. She gave me anaesthesia cream and it was smooth you know, I felt really good when I had the treatment I didn't feel pain at all, it went very smooth within like 15 to 20 minutes the treatment got to hold. I feel good after the treatment it’s been like 2 weeks my lines have gone on forehead and the nearby eyes, I feel the difference and even my family members they felt good that you know some difference is there in my face and thank you to Dr Venus and you should visit it. A doctor is very friendly and the treatment was very good her name is Dr Venu Kumari, you also should come to this clinic and have to take the treatment you will feel better and you will feel awesome about yourself. I am so happy I have done with this treatment and thank you so much to the doctor who has really make a change. Thank you so much.

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