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Micro Lumbar Disectomy - Signs You Need It!

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Micro Lumbar Disectomy - Signs You Need It!

A microdiscectomy is performed on the herniated disc of an individual to relieve the pressure from the spinal nerve root by eliminating the material which is causing the pain. Being minimally evasive in nature, this technique of disectomy is carried out to provide much-needed relief from the pain caused due to a lumbar herniated disc.

The procedure of the micro lumbar discectomy is not very complicated. During the procedure, a small part of the bone which is present over the nerve root or the disc material is taken out for relief. A microdiscectomy is also known as microdecompression which is more effective in leg pain.

Indications For Micro Lumbar Disectomy

It is very much important to understand that micro lumbar discectomy can be very important if the patient is suffering from serious pain and problems. Here are some indications which show that an individual needs such a disectomy:

● Excruciating pain in the affected areas which does not allow the person to work or carry out normal activities that he or she does.

● Inflammation or redness around the area which is caused due to the constant pain.

● When the leg pain is the major thing affecting a person rather than a back pain as well.

● A kind of leg pain which exceeds more than 6 weeks and keeps affecting.

Advantages And Disadvantages

No surgery comes without both sets of advantages and disadvantages. So, micro lumbar discectomy also has both the sides of advantages and disadvantages which you should be knowing about.

Advantages - Micro Lumbar Discectomy is minimally evasive which makes it possible for the patients to undergo much less pain and trauma. In most of the cases, the doctor separates the muscles instead of cutting it. This helps to minimize the trauma and helps to heal in a better manner. The removal of the muscle is therefore done more precisely giving the patients a quicker way to recover and carry on with their normal activities.

Disadvantages - Even though the risk and complications are reduced because of the minimally evasive nature, there are certain risks associated to it. Postoperative infections can be a real risk when a person goes through a micro lumbar discectomy. A dural tear can occur when incisions are made around the area which is affected. Although it is very rare, but nerve damages can also be a risk in the case of a lumbar discectomy.

So as you can see that the micro lumbar discectomy is a brilliant way to help an individual who is suffering from herniated disc and immense leg pain rather than back pain. You must always visit a reputed and recognized surgeon to make sure that you undergo a safe and sound treatment for the problem you are facing. Any kind of wrong treatment can cause a serious damage to your lifestyle.

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