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Last Updated: Aug 06, 2022

Male Infertility - Know The Causes And Symptoms

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Dr. Rajiv P. BhanejHomeopathy Doctor • 23 Years Exp.MD - Homeopathy, BHMS


I am Dr. Rajiv P. Bhanej, Homeopath, Shree Laxmi Homoeopathic Clinic. Today I will talk about male infertility. Over the past 10 years, we have seen very rise in cases of male patients. I would like to focus on the important cause of male infertility. The most important cause is late marriages and late family planning. It is generally seen among the males that they plan their child very late because of the stress and modern lifestyle. The peak childbearing age is between 25-33 and for female, it is 25-30. Stress plays a very vital role in increasing the chances of infertility among males. We are seeing a rise in stress level among young males which causes infertility. So, there is a decrease in sperm product the morphology of the sperm changes and the production of the sperm comes down. One needs to practice yoga, exercise regularly in the form of swimming, aerobics, dancing, and other aerobic activities and have a well-balanced diet. Smoking and alcohol also give rise to infertility among males. So, one needs to limit their alcohol intake.

Another important cause is male infertility. Obesity gives rise to the condition called varicocele where obstruction of the veins among testis. So, it is purely a surgical condition. So, one needs to avoid weight gain. There is a condition which is commonly seen among children where there is swelling behind the ears. The problem can be seen in the later age where there will be a decrease in sperm quality or there may be a complete loss of sperm. One has to take the treatment as early as possible.

Generally, the testis is placed below the body where there is 2 degrees less temperature. So, heat is directly responsible for causing infertility. So, one needs to avoid too much heat. People who are keeping their laptop for a long time over the lap, working in factories and another job where heat is the demand may directly rise the testicular temperature which is directly responsible for the decrease in the sperm count. So, one needs to avoid doing such things where there is continuous heat exposure. Another major cause for low sperm count is an injury to the testis. So, one needs to take the treatment as early as possible. Modern medicines have a very limited role in treating male infertility. The popular treatment in modern medicines is only IVF. Where donor sperm is taken and injected to achieve fertility. This type of treatment is very traumatic to the female and having the chances of the side-effects to the female is very much. It is cost-effective also.

Many men are there who use supplements to increase their muscles mass. It may also contain testosterone. So, this is not advisable. It may cause a decrease in sperm quality and morphology. Another surgical treatment has been seen in males is undescended testis. This condition is generally being diagnosed in early childhood. If it is not been diagnosed in early childhood and being diagnosed at a late age, so it has been seen that one testis is enough for the production of sperm. Homeopathy plays a very vital role in male infertility. Since homeopathy medicines are based on natural substances, there are fewer chances of side-effects and above all the cases are being individualized with their cause. We tell the patients to change their lifestyle. We always tell the patient to change their lifestyle. We always tell the patient to give them counselling and how to plan sexual intercourse. So, homeopathy medicines have much important role to play in managing male infertility.

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