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LASIK: All About It

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LASIK: All About It

LASIK, Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, aims at correcting the shape of the cornea, which is the transparent layer that lines the front of the eye. Through this procedure, the cornea is reshaped so that the retina receives a focused light.

When do you need this surgery?

This surgical procedure is ideal for people having following conditions, making spectacle use mandatory:

  1. Hypermetropia or farsightedness - Close objects appear indistinct
  2. Myopia or nearsightedness - Far off objects appears blurry
  3. Astigmatism - Overall fuzzy vision

Advantages of LASIK:

Biggest advantage of LASIK is that it helps people to get rid of glasses and contact lenses, which sometimes are cosmetically unacceptable and in some cases are visually disabling.

Best part of LASIK is that it is:

  1. Has a high success rate ( success rate is 96%)
  2. Quick (total duration of surgery is hardly 5 minutes) and virtually painless
  3. Adjustments can be made years later to alter the vision as per growing impairment in the future and advancing years
  4. Does not require bandages or stitches

Who can go for LASIK:

Any person 18 years or older who fulfils the following criteria can undergo Lasik surgery

  1. Stable refraction
  2. Dilated retinal examination should be normal
  3. Corneal thickness and topography should be in normal range
  4. Adequately wet eyes
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